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2 minutos Dogs with restricted movement might benefit greatly from dog wheelchairs. They provide these canines greater space to wander and give them an opportunity to play and exercise. What is a dog wheelchair or stroller? This device helps dogs with limited mobility by offering support when they walk. These dogs can play, run, and get the exercise they require when they have a dog wheelchair. What types of mobility problems can a dog wheelchair help with? Dogs with hip dysplasia, paralysis, arthritis, aches Leia mais

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2 minutos Our furry friends bring boundless joy, and watching them navigate mobility challenges can be a concern for pet owners. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the subtle signs, questions, and considerations to help you determine if your dog might benefit from a dog wheelchair. We’ll also explore what makes the best dog wheelchair for your canine companion. How can I tell if my dog is experiencing mobility issues? Keep a close eye on your dog’s movement patterns. Signs like difficulty standing, Leia mais

O perigo ou o prejuízo do uso do fogo na pecuária de corte

O perigo ou o prejuízo do uso do fogo na pecuária de corte

5 minutos Olá amigos produtores seguidores do blog da JetBov! No nosso post de hoje, vamos contar uma história: Manoel é um pecuarista que há décadas segue os ensinamentos passados de geração para geração. Sua fazenda foi herdada do pai, que foi herdada do avô, que foi herdada do seu bisavô, quem abriu a pastagem. Manoel aprendeu com o pai (que, por sua vez, também aprendeu com o pai dele), que o fogo é uma ferramenta “fácil” e barata para se eliminar a macega Leia mais

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2 minutos What is patellar luxation? The kneecap moves up and down in the thighbone’s groove when a healthy knee bends. When a healthy kneecap dislocates, it is referred to as a patellar luxation. A healthy kneecap never falls out of its groove. A dislocated kneecap inhibits the knee from bending, which results in lameness. It also rubs against the bone during sliding, which over time causes pain and arthritic rheumatism. Symptoms of patellar luxation When strolling, you can notice that your dog misses Leia mais